2900 Ranch Trail — Cheddar’s Headquarters

This 35,000 SF single-story office building was build for Cheddar’s Casual Cafe by Billingsley Company in 190 days.

Billingsley Company beat a tight construction deadline and turned over the new corporate headquarters for Cheddar’s Casual Café at Cypress Waters. The entire project was completed in 190 days, from lease execution to tenant move in.

The single story building on Ranch Trail and Interstate Highway 635 in Irving was completed in late May 2014 and provides Cheddar’s with the ability to expand on the building to accommodate future growth when needed. The project began in December and lost 23 days in the first 60 due to rain and snow. Even with weather delays, the Cheddar’s team moved in on time.

“Our new space at Cypress Waters will allow us to support our 150 restaurants in 28 states and hopefully more as we continue to grow and expand. This new space offers an open, collaborative design flow, a test kitchen for R&D, and a training wing,” said Cheddar’s Executive Vice President of Purchasing and Risk, Rick Payne. “We had an extremely small window for a new building and we knew that Billingsley Company could help seize the opportunity.”

“Cheddars is a great company and we loved the challenge to deliver on this incredibly tight schedule. We just wanted to show it could be done and we are the ones to do it,” said Lucy Billingsley, Partner. “Cheddars has a leading edge office space and start to finish it took just over 6 months to design, build, and start moving in. Irving is also a smart and easy city to work with. They really helped us get this done.”

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