Welcome to the Billingsley 2021 Kickoff page. Below, you’ll find the full kickoff video, Executive interviews, 2020 stats and employee photos.

It was an interesting year with lots of Learning.

2020 was mixed with adversity and new challenges. It took a team to accomplish what we did last year and none of that could have been done without the commitment and hard work of every single Billingsley employee.

we went digital this year.

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Get some executive insight...

Executive Interviews

BIllingsley portfolio executives give a 2020 recap and what Billingsley can expect in 2021. From Office to Multi-Family, Retail to Industrial–Billingsley can expect a lot of development and projects in the year to come.

Kimberly Meyer - Chief Financial Officer

What we do today has impact on what the future holds. Kimberly Meyer shares with Billingsley the impact of 2020 and how we’re focused on exapnsion and training in 2021.

Lucilo Peña - President of Development

Lucilo gives a rundown of completed projects in 2020 and all the developments we’re looking forward to working on in 2021. Lots of projects are ready to go!

Lucy Burns - Partner

Lucy Burns highlights communication as the biggest triumph in the past year. With lots to look forward to in the Office portfolio and how we plan to execute in the new year.

Christina Natal - President of Multi-Family

Christina commends the incredible work of every multi-family employee and how they took on the challenges of 2020. Communication and teamwork will provide a clear path in 2021.

Sumner Billingsley - Partner

Sumner communicates the challenges and the wins in 2020 as it pertains to Billingsley’s Retail and Multi-Family portfolios. Billingsley only lost 7 retailers out of 100+ in 2020.

George Billingsley - Partner

2020 was a big year for our Industrial portfolio with the explosion in e-commerce. George shares the learnings and discoveries of this year and how 2021 hold even more success.

Erik Johnson - Senior Vice President of Marketing

Erik shares the new marketing initiatives for 2021 and how Billinglsey Marketing plans to impliment and executre new software that will set us up for success in 2021 and beyond.

Ryan Lemaster - Vice President of IT

Ryan reviews the year of “Video Meetings”and Billingsley’s quick adoption of new technologies. IT plans to implement even more tech in 2021.

Caydee McCormick - Vice President of HR

If there was one department that was worked extra hard this year, it was Human Resources. Caydee shares the challenges, the victories and what we can expect in 2021.

Billingsley 2020 stats & data

We have lots of information across our portfolios. Below you’ll find data, stats and interesting numbers concerning Billignsley company and all of our diverse portfolios.

Billingsley employee captures!

Working from home, employee outings and everything in-between. See what everyone has been up to this year. Have a photo you want to see put up? Send your photos to Marketing and we’ll get them up!

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